What it looks like

Ultimedia Box offer the opportunity to watch a lot of games, retro games or more recent games.
Basketball games, of course. We can see a specific playoff game, an NBA Final game, it’s now possible with our solution.

This is a project which started in 2016, when we realize we had nothing for showing our games collection.
That was the time the idea of a media center begun.

The main idea of the project is to put medias in the Ultimedia Box to watch them in a media center brought by Kodi. For each medias, you’ll find screenshots of the video itself, the interface of the application, and a complete recap of the ball game.

365+ DAYS

The project started in august 2016

3000+ GAMES

That’s a lot of hoops


The box, the media center

Ultimedia Box is a project based on a media center powered by Kodi. We have developped this project with a basketball media base, mostly from the great Michael Jordan but not only.

At this moment, we own a collection of more than 3000 games (Jordan, Classics, Olympics games, University games, Charity games, extras…) ; This project is not going to be sell on this site yet. In this site, we will explain how the entire system works, how we have done to make this happen.