The future is now

Now we are looking for a more descent solution, with a brossed and nice box case like the Android TV. We are going to test every medias we have and brin git, to this site, and customers will be able to buy this box, with an amount of games preinstalled on it, or buy it one by one, via Ultimedia Box. After a lot of reflexion, we decided to call it Ultimedia Box, because of the Ultimate collection we have at this time, and counting.

In our case we have chosen the axe of basketball medias, but, there’s no reason to create a football collection, tennis, brand music, or movies based on a specific theme. This Android box allow us to watch videos in a great confort, but also to watch other medias, like Youtube or NBA League pass…

At this time, this project is unfinished and we have some work to before releasing any box or games. So stay tunes, we will tell you what’s next !