Started from the bottom

It was a regular day, in the middle of nowhere, and my cousin ask me to show him a game. Not a random NBA game. That kind of games. The best I have of Michael Jordan. And I was shocked. Shocked to tell him I had nothing on me, neither a disc or a file on my laptop. Nothing. My collection was at home, partially filled on dvd, vhs, external and internal hard drives… I wasn’t able to show him any games, any videos of my collection, and I told everybody at this time I was a huge fan and a collectionner of NBA games… What a shame.

Back home, I was frustrated of this experience, and begun to search solution to reunite a great collection in the smallest place as possible to finally opted for a media center. The famous Kodi media center. Not so famous for at this time. I’ve worked and worked again in settings, menus, and submenus, to finally have a nice package of local collection of games. The media center was on point. But I had to bring this with me at anytime, anywhere.

That’s how Rasberry has come. Pi 3 was here to fixed all my problems. This little computer box will save my days, and I brought all this together, board card, HDD, hub, cables in one box, a wood box. Not so sexy but hey, believe it or not, it worked.


My box, with 12To of games was born ready, and I was able to watch whatever games I want, even if there’s no internet in the room. Revolution. Even today, this number of games, continue to impress myself. A dream comes true. But all of this was a hand made DIY project. Not an oriented future commercial project. It has to be sell. We spend (with my associate who own a tons of games) so many hours to bring this project to reality, that we cannot stand there at this point.

That’s why we are going now in a new direction, to an Android box with a internal HDD bay, with Kodi running. Same things, but more design, less cheap. Good.That’s the beginning of the end, and soon, it will be a reality. Stay tuned !