Q10 Pro accepts an internal 3.5″ SATA hard drive up to 8TB. Perfect if you are migrating from an earlier generation of HDD Media Player or have a large collection of video that you’d prefer to access locally.

In our case we have chosen the axe of basketball medias, but, there’s no reason to create a football collection, tennis, brand music, or movies based on a specific theme. This Android box allow us to watch videos in a great confort, but also to watch other medias, like Youtube or NBA League pass… At this time, this project is unfinished and we have some work to before releasing any box or games. So stay tunes, we will tell you what’s next !

Never seen before

Ultimedia Box will offer you the opportunity to watch a lot of games, retro games or more recent games. Basketball games, of course. Want to see a specific playoff game, an NBA Final game ? It’s now possible with our solution. It’s all in the box, and you can download it directly from this site. Enjoy now !

All our products have been originally ripped from a multiple DVD discs. You can choose to buy it in DVD format or in numeric format (.mp4). Our games have all been rated in differents quality levels so you can check it before buying. Some games are very rares, we hope you will appreciate them.

We propose the downloading of thousand of games from our servers. After that, you can put them in your Ultimedia Box to watch them in our media center brought by Kodi. For each medias, you’ll find screenshots of the video itself, the interface of the application, and a complete recap of the ball game.

Interface remote, control of the games... (Kore App)