The media center Kodi

Kodi is a free, open-source media player. Kodi started off on the Xbox, where it was known as Xbox Media Center (or XBMC), but that feels a long time ago: the software is now available on a huge range of platforms and in more than 65 languages, and incorporates the work of hundreds of programmers. And it’s now known as Kodi, of course – the name change happened in 2014. It plays digital media. TV (live and recorded), films, other video, music, podcasts, photos, slideshows. That sort of thing.

In our case, we have created a lot of menus and submenus to bring the right media at the right time. For example, in our collection we can watch a specific game from the 1988-89 season, or find a buzzer beater game in just one section of the interface. We also added the possiblities of playing music. The music we used to listen at the VHS era… Each of the submenus worked on a playlist beased system. A playlist is a section of medias we have preinstalled in the way we wanted. (Bulls games, playoffs games, in progress, watched…). With Kodi we can watch multiple games, create bookmarks, go back to game next time and play exactly where we stopped las time… etc. All this stuff can be smoothly done by a simple remote, in a great condition of fludity and execution. That’s why we have chosen Kodi.